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Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Overview: The purpose of this certificate program is to provide professionals who want to demonstrate green building expertise in non-technical fields of practice. The credential provides basic knowledge of green design, construction, and operations. The objectives of this course are to provide knowledge of defined LEED and major LEED rating systems. Further this course explains the core concepts associated with building a LEED building and provides an understanding of integrated project delivery and gives reasoning to why green building is different than traditional building models. The ideal student is a facility owner, contractor, construction manager, architect, lawyer, builder, engineer, product representative, facility manager, or real estate broker. Certified individuals as experts in various aspects of LEED provide a great deal of value. If you are involved in construction, architecture, interior design, or building operations and maintenance, a certificate demonstrating your expertise as a LEED AP (Accredited Professional) can greatly enhance your prospects of obtaining a high-paying job in the building industry or of increasing your standing in a job you already have. In fact, building projects with at least one LEED-certified professional on their staff are automatically given an extra point toward project certification, so LEED certification automatically makes a qualifying individual into a valuable asset for construction-industry employers.

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