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Mar 23, 2015 - Mar 26, 2015
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Program Description:
National Professional Certification in Customer Service is an industry-driven and endorsed credential that helps employers distinguish and recognize qualified customer service professionals, and help define career advancement opportunities for candidates. By earning the professional certification in customer service, candidates can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in work areas that employer’s value, and exhibit commitment to professional growth.
Employment Outlook:
Students are beginning career exploration earlier than ever before. The hospitality industry is one of dynamic growth potential, with over 200 industry careers available in a number of different disciplines. The travel and tourism industry directly employs more than 7.4 million individuals in the United States, and more than 221 million worldwide.
The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute has developed hospitality programs to introduce high school students to the opportunities available in the hospitality and tourism industry, with a focus on educating students on the career pathways and skills needed to build a long-term career.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Pre-requisite(s): None

TR- 0110 Customer Service I (.5 credits)
⦁ Communication Strategies
⦁ Conflict Resolution- difficult people
⦁ Critical elements of Customer Service
⦁ Building Relationships for Success
⦁ Managing Client Expectations
⦁ Upselling Existing Clients
⦁ Managing the Talkative Caller
⦁ Diversity and Inclusion

TR- 0115 Customer Service II (.5 credits)
⦁ Managing internal & external expectations
⦁ Goal setting and vision
⦁ Critical thinking- Dealing with Assumptions
⦁ Time Management for Peak Performance
⦁ Telephone techniques for Quality Service
⦁ Marketing and Sales
⦁ Negotiating for Results
⦁ Managing Retail Traffic
⦁ Managing Angry Customers

Section 1Introduction
Section 2Speech Technique
Section 3Dos and Don'ts
Section 4Study Your Competitor
Section 5Making A Good Team
Section 6Conclusion
Final Quiz