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Certified Associate Business Manager (CABM)

Overview: The CABM is 14 weeks of intense study in Business Management with a curriculum that provides a mini-MBA knowledge base. This program provides (3) hours of classroom time each week to review the information covered in the online lab modules and to help the student reinforce the concepts. This program has an Industry exam at the end of the class that can allow the student to certify for the CABM. This exam is covered in the class fee and delivered in week 15, after the completion of the program. The student should spend 5 hours a week working through the labs. Depending on the student level, (5-10) hours a week may be needed to complete the lab material on line. A three (3) hour Intro class session is held the first night and (3) additional hours are allocated in week 14 for Q&A for the exam. Passing the industry exam in week 15 is not required to complete the certificate.

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