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Mar 23, 2015 - Mar 26, 2015
150 South Street , Liverpool 12233 England
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Program Description:
This series of classes is an introduction into the terms and concepts needed for the Health Unit Coordinator Role. The program explains the health unit coordinating profession and its responsibilities. Some key skills like effectively transcribing the physician’s orders and coordinating the non-clinical tasks are also covered.

Pre-requisite(s): EKG Technician Program
⦁ Orientation Hospitals/Medical Coordination
⦁ Medical and Healthcare Processing
⦁ Health Unit Coordination & Responsibilities
⦁ Monitor Technician Requirements
⦁ Medical Charts and Records
⦁ HIPPA Compliance and Ethics
⦁ Transcription and Monitoring
⦁ Unit Responsibilities: Reports
⦁ Unit Responsibilities: Record Keeping

Section 1Introduction
Section 2Speech Technique
Section 3Dos and Don'ts
Section 4Study Your Competitor
Section 5Making A Good Team
Section 6Conclusion
Final Quiz