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Mar 23, 2015 - Mar 26, 2015
150 South Street , Liverpool 12233 England
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Program Description:
(EKG) Technicians are responsible for performing electrocardiogram tests in order to monitor and record electrical impulses transmitted by the heart. This program will prepare you to become an (EKG) Technician and to take the ASPT – Electrocardiograph (EKG) Technician exam and other National Certification Exams. This course will include important practice and background information on anatomy and physiology of the heart, medical disease processes, medical terminology, medical ethics, and legal aspects of patient contact, electrocardiography, and stress testing.

Employment Outlook:
The growth of the aging baby-boom population will continue to spur demand for preventive medical services, which are often provide by physicians. As their prectices expand, physicians will hire more assistants to perform routine administrative and clinical duties, allowing the physicians to see more patients. Assistants will likely continue to be used in place of more expensive workers, such as nurses to reduce cost.

Source: US Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook
Pre-requisite(s): None
⦁ EKG Technical Roles and Functions
⦁ Medical Terminology
⦁ Caring for Patients
⦁ Anatomy of the body
⦁ Analysing wave forms
⦁ Analysing heart rhythms
⦁ Troubleshooting issues
⦁ Lead placement and use
⦁ Echocardiography
⦁ Hands on use of (EKG) equipment

Section 1Introduction
Section 2Speech Technique
Section 3Dos and Don'ts
Section 4Study Your Competitor
Section 5Making A Good Team
Section 6Conclusion
Final Quiz