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Description: This class teaches the student the key concepts to work as a network technician and assist in the installation, setup, test, maintenance, and troubleshooting of LANs and/ or WANs. They are responsible for routine tasks such as adding new accounts, assigning passwords, and keeping a variety of logs (e.g., number of failed login attempts, or the number and size of print jobs sent to each printer on the network). They speak with LAN Managers or Network Analysts about specific problems on the network, and are involved in updating and/or fixing existing systems. This training provides the student with a solid foundation in networking as well as the hands-on training necessary to succeed in the Network+ Certification exam. The network+ Certification affirms that you are capable of the basic network setup and maintenance and confirms you can successfully troubleshoot them. The network+ Certification Exam by COMPTIA is an industry exam that is available from authorized testing centers.

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