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Reviewing Your Business Processes

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by Pete Matassa

process review


Reviewing your business processes does NOT mean, ‘lay people off’ nor is it only appropriate for Fortune 500 size businesses. It is a useful tool for all businesses that want to enhance their competitiveness.

This article discusses strategies for reviewing process and tactics that will facilitate, as well as, increase the probability of success of your review effort.

Process Review Deliverables

Process Review deliverables must be twofold:

1)      Process Improvement
2)      Business Information System Improvement

Process Review

Process review must address the following areas:

1)      Eliminate redundant tasks and positions, with an emphasis on eliminating unnecessary costs and reallocating resources to more productive endeavors
2)      Improving current process efficiencies
3)      Creating processes that enhance organizational efficiencies and competitive strength
4)      Enhancing awareness of the competitive arena
5)      Enhancing strategic focus
6)      Improving organizational maturity
7)      Implementing metrics to track performance
8)      Documenting processes

Business Information System Improvement

Business Information System Improvement must address the following areas:

1)      Evaluate current business reporting and eliminate reports that just provide data
2)      Implement a system of true information reporting
3)      Elimination of redundant reporting
4)      Enhancement of information gathering processes

Process Review Processes

Review – Evaluate – Recommend – Implement

1)      Review of current organization goals
2)      Review of desired future organization goals
3)      Interviewing current management and line employees to determine their perception of organization goals and attitudes toward change
4)      Evaluation of organization culture
5)      Evaluation of organization maturity
6)      Evaluation of current organization processes
7)      Evaluation of organization metrics
8)      Evaluation of organization process documentation
9)      Evaluation of organization competitive strategy and tactics
10)   Recommendations for competitive strategy and tactics improvement
11)   Recommendations for organization maturity progression
12)   Recommendations for specific process changes
13)   Recommendations for improved business information systems
14)   Recommendations for ongoing metrics
15)   Recommendations for initial and ongoing process documentation
16)   Recommendations for culture change process
17)   Plans and timelines for Implementing recommendations

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