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Build a High Performance Culture

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By Kathy Wells

meetingThroughout my over 25 years in business, I have provided leadership development and talent management consultation to organizations across a broad spectrum of industries including technology, manufacturing, banking, professional services and healthcare. I have worked with privately held, and publicly held Fortune 500 companies, ranging in size from 25 to over 25 ,000 employees.


In my observations, the key success factor in building a high performance culture is a strong leadership team.  A strong, effective leadership team works in unison leading the organization’s team members toward a shared vision while exhibiting behaviors that inspire trust, confidence and open-communication.


A strong, effective leadership team:


  • Shares business goals with team members and asks members to create their business

Do your team members understand the business, how they impact the customer and how they fit into the “big picture”?

  • Encourages team members to think innovatively in goal creation and attainment

Do you ask your team members for their ideas on how to optimize business performance?  Improve customer service?  Create new products or services?  Have fun in the workplace?

  • Provides team members with resources and developmental experiences to achieve goals

Do you have a readily available pipeline of talent?

  • Empowers team members to take action for goal execution

Do team members take action and capitalize on opportunities for enhanced business performance or do they wait for direction and permission?

  • Fosters self-leadership and accountability among team members

Do you ask your team members to create their goals (instead of assigning goals) and/or identify actions for goal achievement?  When team members create their own goals they tend to be more committed to the goal than when a goal is given to them.


While the infrastructure of an organization in terms of systems, such as a talent management system, policies, practices and processes play a role in the success of an organization, people are inspired to excel when led and valued by great leaders.

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