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Description: Whether or not your organization has a robust Project Management infrastructure in place, the need to successfully manage small to medium-sized projects will play a large role in determining its success. This course focuses on the skills required to plan and implement a project that will fulfill the stated requirements, as well as, meet time and budget constraints. You will be presented a methodology to document project requirements, identify necessary resources, identify and mitigate potential risks, schedule and track project activity, monitor and control project outcomes, and formally close projects. This course emphasizes project management basics including practical tips, tricks, and templates, to facilitate managing small to medium-size projects with a minimum investment in project management infrastructure. The course focuses on understanding the PMI® Project Management Methodology as described in the Project Management Book of Knowledge® (PMBOK®). Particular emphasis is placed on the vocabulary that PMI® uses in describing the Project Management Framework and Project Management Knowledge Areas, as well as, a theoretical understanding of how the concepts are applied in implementing the project management methodology espoused by the PMI®. The course also discusses strategies to enhance the student’s potential to successfully complete the industry examination. This course can also prepare the student to take the Certified Associate in Project Management® (CAPM®) examination. The material covered for both examinations is similar, the difference is in the expected hands on project management experience level, and the nature of the examination questions – for the PMP® examination there are significantly more hours of project management experience required to be certified to take the examination, and the questions are more situational rather than theoretical. The class does NOT provide the exam.

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