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Learning Alliance Digital

Learning Alliance Digital (LAD)
Learning Alliance Digital was created for students to achieve career readiness with industry recognized certifications towards a high school diploma. LAD was developed based on the knowledge and expertise of many educators and industry professionals. LAD will provide students the skills necessary for potential future careers in industries such as: Business Management, Technology, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Medical Administration.
Statistics have proven that not every student will go to college; however, everyone deserves the opportunity to become self-sufficient. LAD provides the necessary skills associated with targeted occupations and career opportunities within our communities.

In the LAD portal, Learning Alliance Corpporation provides students with the following benefits:
⦁ Industry best practices by Subject Matter Experts (SME) in their respected field of expertise.
⦁ Provide job readiness content that engages students and reduces the risk of dropping out of school.
⦁ Educational programs designed to prepare students for entry-level employment and careers.
⦁ Deliver industry knowledge that builds good character that is critical to employers.
⦁ Our programs qualify for Florida CAPE Act of 2007 funding.
⦁ We provide our Prometric Certified Mobile Testing center for “On-Site Testing.”

LAD Delivery Models and Focus:
Within LAD, students will find multiple knowledge modules. These modules contain specific content that defines the knowledge areas for the specific industry of interest. Inside each industry program, students are directed through topics that will build a professional development path towards career readiness. At the conclusion, students will have the knowledge necessary to obtain an Industry Recognized certification in their field of choice.

Help Desk Support/Information Technology:
⦁ Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)- Operating Systems
⦁ Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA- Network Fundamentals
⦁ Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)- Security Fundamentals
⦁ Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)- Server Administration
⦁ Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)- Software Development
⦁ Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)- Web Development Fundamentals
⦁ Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)- .Net Development Fundamentals
⦁ Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)- Gaming Development

Business and Administration Certifications:
⦁ Certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
⦁ QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU)
⦁ Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)

Manufacturing Certification:
⦁ Lean Sigma Certification
⦁ Certified Lean Sigma Yellow Belt

Medical Certification:
⦁ Certified Unit Health Coordinator (UHC)
⦁ Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

Hospital Certification:
⦁ Certified Front Desk Representative (FDR)
⦁ Certified Customer Service Associate

Vocational Career Readiness (VCR) Investment Model:
⦁ On-site certified Prometric testing center with (3) workstations provided with (75) student user license.
⦁ If a Reusable Subscription has been purchased, a student that has completed his/her course work or has been deleted from the system can be replaced with a new student.
⦁ Annual subscriptions may be upgraded to a higher volume discount pricing at any time. The new pricing will be in effect for the current year’s contract and all future years, but is not retroactive to any previous year’s contracts.
⦁ The annual support fee is assessed each year for technical support and is fixed for length of the contract.

Annual Subscriptions
Number of students 1-Year – Independent SubscriptionPer Reusable Seat 1-Year Concurrent* SubscriptionPer Student (Multi-Track)
Installation and Support Services

Initial year Installation, Training and Support Package –

  • Account set up and activation
  • Train The Trainer program for assigned Certification (1 week)
$1500 per site
Support Fee – Annual License (Subsequent Years) $1000 per site